Monday, March 25, 2013

Blogging for Frodo

Thanks to the GDX girls and Chilly Paws for my snuggle sack
I've been a part of the anipal community for 4 years this coming August. The best part, aside from the friendships I've made, is how we are all invested in helping animals. Recently, some of the friends I connected with over a shared love of the dachshund breed created a team, Global Doxie Crossposting, to try to save as many death row dachshunds as possible. We all have various backgrounds, but two common denominators, a love of dachshunds and social media. You can Like us on FaceBook, follow us on TwitterPin with usread about some of our efforts on Blogger.

On March 3, a week into our GDX adventure, Frodo appeared on our newsfeed. We shared him, but there was something so disturbing about this picture. I saw a little guy that still had life, but was never going to be picked because he was frail and had a white face.

Then the scary news came on March 6 that the shelter had hit capacity and his status became URGENT. I decided if it was humanly possible, Frodo was coming to spend his retirement with me. The few days that followed are a blur of phone calls, emails, prayers, crying, joy, fear and finally a text from the lady that "adopted" him that Frodo was OUT! He had a quick bath and was handed off to another lady to drive him from Killeen, Tx to Dallas, Tx where as luck would have it a family was coming to the Florida Panhandle on vacation and offered him a ride. They affectionately call him hitchhiker LOL! On Saturday morning March 9, I loaded up Snoop & GG and we headed 5 hours west to meet Frodo. Thank you De & Skye for putting us up for the night and feeding us!

Frodo's FB thread is here if you want a glimpse into what it is like pulling an urgent animal, figuring out transport and hearing that the animal is SAFE! Frodo's FB thread

We have been to the vet and Frodo is HW negative and his bloodwork was good, but like a lot of senior doggies, he has bad teeth. A friend sent Frodo a case of high protein doggie food and he has been eating like there is no tomorrow. He can now walk very well and even trot. Fetch is his favorite game!

If you have a few dollars to spare, we would appreciate some help with his upcoming dental surgery.
Frodo, a senior dachshund, needs dental work! by Georgia Manley or save the fundraising platform and send via PayPal georgia_manley AT yahoo DOT com.

Please enjoy some pictures and videos of Frodo's transformation!

Frodo at Killeen, TX Animal Shelter
Frodo meeting Jackson on his freedom ride!
Week 1 you can't count my ribs anymore!
I've quickly learned the best place at Grandma's is next to her cooking stool! Thanks GG for the tail wag photo bomb!
The second best place at Grandma's is the deluxe doggie bed!

My runny eyes and sneezing were from a sinus infection due to my bad teeth, but that is getting better on antibitiocs!

Here are a couple YouTube videos of me enjoying my yard!

Thank you for your time and if you would like additional details or vet receipts, quotes or to make a donation directly to the vet, please email me at georgia_manley AT yahoo DOT com!


  1. Awww bless his little heart. We know all about toothie problems, so I hope he gets the dental work done that he needs. It can make a difference between life and death, so we hope it's "life" for Froto!

  2. What a wonderful difference in Frodo since he came to you! What no words can express, though, is the stress I know you and the others involved in the rescue were under from the moment he appeared on the timeline till the moment he was safe in his new home. All of you deserve a massive pat on the back - though I'm sure a lick from Frodo says it best :-)

  3. Frodo, I hope you know how lucky you are to win the heart of the cat lady. You have a pawtastic life ahead of you!!
    Ms. Georgia , you are my hero!
    Wuv and wags to both

  4. I was just happy I was able to take him from Killeen to Dallas. It's great to see how well he's finally doing!

  5. It was our pleasure have our little Hichhiker with us From Texas to Florida he and Jackson became such great pals He was a wonderful traveler Jordan and myself also fell in love with is sweet soul.... I'm glad he's doing great it warms my heart to have been part of his travels and to know that he's in a fantastic Hm with you G... God bless you for saving him...