Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello pals-

It has been nearly two weeks since Buddy went over the rainbow bridge. The vet found an orange size tumor in one kidney and determined the other kidney had failed on Friday 11/6/09. They suggested we put him to sleep that day, but I said no give me meds.

I took him home and spent the weekend holding him, giving him water and tuna juice via a medicine thingie. I held him all night Friday night. Saturday, we went to the woods and he laid in sun puddles and breathed fresh country air. I thought I saw improvement. Saturday night, I repeated holding him, but woke up in cat pee in the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning, I chased all the other cats out to the porch and gave Buddy his prince pillow and positioned him on the couch, so I could get some housework done. At around noon, I started to realize that the end was coming. I stopped everything and picked him and held him until he was ready to go.

Strange, the feeling you have holding something as life leaves. It has taken these two weeks to even come close to have strength to type this blog and yet still I am tearing up. There will never be a sweeter cat than Buddy. He slept on back at night, on my lap when I watched TV, drank water out of the facet when I had bathroom time.

I groomed him in the afternoon. Wrapped him in a lap quilt my grandmother made. Took him to my daughter's grave site, so they could say good-bye. And back to the woods to bury him next to his brother Mr. Kitty. He was sealed in his casket with my RedBull t-shirt, a picture of Kaitlin and me. I put a pink rose on top and clawed the earth over him.

The days are not the same without you dear friend and I will miss you always. I hope that you have found all our pals that preceded you over the rainbow bridge. My arms ache to hold you one more time.

Love always sweet Buddy,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

20 year high school reunion

Hello All =^..^=

I went home this past weekend for my 20 year class reunion. It was a time of mixed blessings and emotions. Bittersweet so to speak. I hadn't been back to Indiana since Kaitlin went to Heaven. The trips back home with her were always so much fun. 14 hours alone in a car really allows too much time to think!

It was worth the drive in the end. I reconnected with friends from the past and will enjoy rebuilding those lost friendships. A girl (I guess lady now), Cindy, lives 10 mins from me. Imagine that, both of us journey to Indiana to find we are down the street from each other. We have already planned a 'catch up dinner' for this weekend. So excited about that!

My friend, Ronny, has two lovely children (14 & 16) that I wanted to bring home. They experienced the loss of their father at approximately the same time I lost Kaitlin. It helped to talk with others that are on the same journey of healing. Drew is an amazing artist. Hoping he will get into blogging and put up some of this art. Shelby is a cheerleader and reminds me of Kaitlin. In the end, Kaitlin was there with me in spirit.

This week, I was finally given a diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder(chronic) with Anxiety. Very relieved to know what is wrong and get down to the business of fixing it.

Much love to all my friends here!!
Georgia/Flacatlady =^..^=

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wow, this week is flying. I am headed to my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. Can't wait to see old friends and check out how fluffy the snobby cheerleader are now days. Oops, sorry don't mean to offend anyone. I was a big dork in hs and still am, but have learned there are worse things in life. Plus, I am a crazy cat lady now and a little more put together, so I already feel like a superstar.

My parents return from their vacation today, so Bozo the dog is excited!! I am glad to go sleep in my own bed for a couple of nights before I head out of town. Most importantly, I MISS my crazy cats and I know they are lonely.

WackyWednesday luvs to everyone!!
Florida Cat Lady

Monday, October 12, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I spent time in a home in the woods this weekend. Kaitduckie had her first real chance to float in a pool. She was very relaxed because there were no cats carrying her around or batting her across the floor. Her and I are both more relaxed today. I will get some pics together of our adventures in the woods. Love to all my anipals.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is my first blog. I am the crazy cat lady, staff, mums, food lady to 8 stray cats. These cats destroy my furniture, pee on my stove and warm my heart. By name they are:
Buddy, skinny old blue man
Bubba, not quite as old but FAT blue man
Snow White, aka the office cat
Peppy Le Pew, my first tuxedo cat, his tux makes him look like Batman
Pretty Girl, aka as Siamese Lady or Siamese mums, she is a chocolate siamese
Funny Face, Siamese/torti mix and the daughter of Pretty Girl
Tutti Fruiti Oh Rudy is a tuxie with a bright white nose except the black at the end
Black Baby, she is Tutti's runt sister

I have created this blog to tell everyone the day to day ups and downs of running a crazy cat house. *nosetaps*