Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#nipclub Thursday is here, come join us! 7pm EDT till we are nipped out

We have had a photog in the club and he has snapped some jazzy fresh pics of anipals in da #nipclub. It could have been Anipal Times report @aylalab

Thursday, May 20, 2010

#NIPCLUB Tonight!! 7pmEDT-midnight

Last week we had some great tunes and tonight is no different. Spinning tunes in the "green" booth are @bunnyjeancook @georgetheduck and the two pimps below. MOL. Cats, dogs, humans, and anything else that can type, come out and join us tonight for more fun at da #nipclub

@thenascarkitty @kittehboi

@kingtuttifruiti serves up some mean drinks

Friday, May 14, 2010

Very Successful #nipclub Grand Opening

Thanks to everyone that came to our opening event. You will be original members of the #nipclub night club. @maggietkat and I agreed that we were in a place much like Cheers. Everyone knew your name, the house was rockin good jams, you could still light up a nip cigar without stepping outside. We would love input if you think there is a good time to do this weekly. We hope to support one of our favorite twitter anipals charity @kittehboi

Original #nipclub members

@thenascarkitty 3 hours DJing-You rock da club man!

@maggietkat Hostess and Co-creator

@kittehboi Big Pimp and DJ

@georgetheduck Duck brother from another mother

@brutusthedane Pole dancer

@countessbonnie Pole dancer

@mariodacat Ladies man about town

@shibberingC Band Celebrities

@mattiedog Promoter

@pumkinpuddy Dancing queen

@cokiethecat Special guest appearance

@RudyCKat DJ and special guest appearance

@ersle Flirt

@autumnthedoxie Around town pawty girl

@JBhippo Comedian with horseradish bloody marys!

@femmekatz Floor Show

@snick_the_dog Plain clothes police man (we think)

@danapixie Floor Show

@BunnyJeanCook Floor Show and DJ

@sadlovelyheart Floor Show

@hollieferguson Floor Show

@petiethecat Floor Show

@johnson1439 Floor Show

@Sisfurcats Floor Show

@LadyGreyFox Floor Show

@PushUpsnPaws Floor Show

@tildatoo Floor Show

@BorisKitty Floor Show

@crazykittykat1 Late Night Floor Show

@dawgblogger Late Night Floor Show

@bebipelucha Late Night Floor Show

@tinypearlcat Late Night Floor Show-Future barktender-Woohoo

@sanjeethecat Late Night Floor Show and temptress

We hope to see all of you and more next Thursday with 7pm EDT door open at #nipclub!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

#nipclub Grand Opening Today 6pm EDT

#NIPCLUB Grand Opening 5/13/10 6pm EDT till ...

Hey there kittehs, humans and all other anipals. @maggietkat had a great suggestion after Tutti declared himself a barktender for life. She thought a night club for some of us more colorful Twitter characters was in order. A vision created #nipclub.
Dogs and other anipals welcome!!!

South Beach Catnip Club
@fiercekittygirl has been busily rolling nip cigars for the event.
@flacatlady DJing will open the evening for world famous DJs @thenascarkitty and @kittehboi.
Our special guest hostess for #nipclub is the sassy and beautiful @maggietkat!!
Full bar will be available: niptini, barktini, baconrita, meowmosa and anything you can dream up for @kingtuttifruiti to mix for you.
@pierrethepoodle has got the hooch
@brutusthedane has got the bacon beer
Garnish of bacon straw for these drinks available.

Bacon wrapped filets for the dogs.

Fish sampler platter for the kittehs.

We would like the #nipclub to be a place like Cheer's. There everyday and everyone knows your name.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello anipals and other friends:

My outrageous lil Tutti has decided that Maggie's idea of a cat night club DOGS WELCOME. We have sensibly named it #nipclub

Please wear your best club opening black tie and formal. Tweet me @flacatlady if you need help getting into a suit/dress.

Check back later this evening for more information.

Niptini time~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Norty Old Cougar copied from @kittenboi

Another Norty Old Cougar
Dat @flacatlady10 is a norty old cougar!
@kittehboi @CJdoggirl Smiling again :D I have to say I gave my heart to Mr. Cat but @kittehboi would certainly make a fun weekend fling MOL

Thanks Mr. Breeze! I am honored! MOL

Hugs & Kisses,
Florida Cat Lady

Sunday, January 10, 2010


The bots have attacked. I will be changing all our names and such. Will let my friends that know I am an anipal know what we are when we change. FYI @anipals and @pawsville SUCK

Friday, January 8, 2010


TGIF everyone!

It is quite chilly in Florida, so I have elected chili for dinner. After that a slanket with as many cats as possible to climb on my lap.

Today was very joyous for me. Helped a dear friend with a project that I hope will bring him everything he wants.

Why am I giddy? You guessed it. I have a massive Twitter crush on the dear friend. Just the thought of a hug or to sit on the same side of the ocean. Wow, like I said giddy.

For me to be giddy is a good thing regardless of what I might be told by some. Let me enjoy my dreams of cats and cottages and poets.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Secret Poet

Friends, I would like to suggest a blog that I enjoy and belongs to a dear friend of mine. Please follow and enjoy

Thanks and hugs