Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is my first blog. I am the crazy cat lady, staff, mums, food lady to 8 stray cats. These cats destroy my furniture, pee on my stove and warm my heart. By name they are:
Buddy, skinny old blue man
Bubba, not quite as old but FAT blue man
Snow White, aka the office cat
Peppy Le Pew, my first tuxedo cat, his tux makes him look like Batman
Pretty Girl, aka as Siamese Lady or Siamese mums, she is a chocolate siamese
Funny Face, Siamese/torti mix and the daughter of Pretty Girl
Tutti Fruiti Oh Rudy is a tuxie with a bright white nose except the black at the end
Black Baby, she is Tutti's runt sister

I have created this blog to tell everyone the day to day ups and downs of running a crazy cat house. *nosetaps*


  1. I found you! *grinz* I'm glad you started a blog! Yay!

  2. I think I found your other one two. I see myself as a follower. Different pic of me though.

  3. PRINCESS I wish to say how touching your story on Taras blog truly awe inspireing you are a wonderful lady and I just wish you to know so.