Thursday, October 22, 2009

20 year high school reunion

Hello All =^..^=

I went home this past weekend for my 20 year class reunion. It was a time of mixed blessings and emotions. Bittersweet so to speak. I hadn't been back to Indiana since Kaitlin went to Heaven. The trips back home with her were always so much fun. 14 hours alone in a car really allows too much time to think!

It was worth the drive in the end. I reconnected with friends from the past and will enjoy rebuilding those lost friendships. A girl (I guess lady now), Cindy, lives 10 mins from me. Imagine that, both of us journey to Indiana to find we are down the street from each other. We have already planned a 'catch up dinner' for this weekend. So excited about that!

My friend, Ronny, has two lovely children (14 & 16) that I wanted to bring home. They experienced the loss of their father at approximately the same time I lost Kaitlin. It helped to talk with others that are on the same journey of healing. Drew is an amazing artist. Hoping he will get into blogging and put up some of this art. Shelby is a cheerleader and reminds me of Kaitlin. In the end, Kaitlin was there with me in spirit.

This week, I was finally given a diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder(chronic) with Anxiety. Very relieved to know what is wrong and get down to the business of fixing it.

Much love to all my friends here!!
Georgia/Flacatlady =^..^=


  1. Mom went to her 30 year class reunion in August. She said it was very interesting. She was the only person there that had not had children. It made it tuff for her, but she said she has her husband and has animals that have brought joy to her life.

    She also reconnected to friends from long ago, they all found it interesting how many things come full circle.

    Look forward to reading more about you and your lively household. Kitty wuvs to you. Winston

  2. Nice to meet you FLCatLady! Thanks for coming by Space Paws!

    Saw on your profile you're not only a fellow CCL but a fellow bean counter, too! Sometimes I think being a cat-fan is a prerequisite of the profession. I'm always surprised when I find an accountant who isn't into cats! LOL!

    Like Winston, I'm looking forward to reading about the adventures of your kitteh krew!

  3. I gave you an award Miz FlaCatLady!
    I'm glad your reunion went well too.