Thursday, May 13, 2010

#nipclub Grand Opening Today 6pm EDT

#NIPCLUB Grand Opening 5/13/10 6pm EDT till ...

Hey there kittehs, humans and all other anipals. @maggietkat had a great suggestion after Tutti declared himself a barktender for life. She thought a night club for some of us more colorful Twitter characters was in order. A vision created #nipclub.
Dogs and other anipals welcome!!!

South Beach Catnip Club
@fiercekittygirl has been busily rolling nip cigars for the event.
@flacatlady DJing will open the evening for world famous DJs @thenascarkitty and @kittehboi.
Our special guest hostess for #nipclub is the sassy and beautiful @maggietkat!!
Full bar will be available: niptini, barktini, baconrita, meowmosa and anything you can dream up for @kingtuttifruiti to mix for you.
@pierrethepoodle has got the hooch
@brutusthedane has got the bacon beer
Garnish of bacon straw for these drinks available.

Bacon wrapped filets for the dogs.

Fish sampler platter for the kittehs.

We would like the #nipclub to be a place like Cheer's. There everyday and everyone knows your name.


  1. da Noms da noms is great !!!! an da drinks xx

  2. OMC!!! Third anniversary coming up soon!!!