Thursday, May 20, 2010

#NIPCLUB Tonight!! 7pmEDT-midnight

Last week we had some great tunes and tonight is no different. Spinning tunes in the "green" booth are @bunnyjeancook @georgetheduck and the two pimps below. MOL. Cats, dogs, humans, and anything else that can type, come out and join us tonight for more fun at da #nipclub

@thenascarkitty @kittehboi

@kingtuttifruiti serves up some mean drinks


  1. I do love the sunglasses and hat. What a great outfit....


  2. Oh man, I'm sooooo lame! I missed da nipclub! My whisker pads are beet red with embarrassment under the fur. I hope it was a tail slappin' good time!

  3. When I don't remember a thing and most of the time I spend on the floor at any club; I know It was a grand time! Great job! HA!